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You can easily add Custom redirect tracking domain to your Trackier Platform once you have required details from domain provider.

To Map domains of your company domain to Trackier Tracking domain, set up a CNAME with your domain provider follow the steps below.

STEP I: Domain Provider

Login to your domain provider account and select the DNS Option.

Domain Setting

STEP II: Adding CNAME Record

Enter the hostname to be TRK, tracking, etc or anything you want. For example, if your company domain is and you want tracking domain then enter TRK as host.

Now enter the value to be and hit save.

You will find in your Panel from here.

Custom Domain SSL

Add this in DNS setting now.


Adding CNAME


STEP III: Enable Whitelabel

Now, login to your Trackier account and go to customize from top right and enable the white label option. White label options allow you to set custom domains.

Dashboard- Whitelabel

STEP IV: Trackier Customise Domain

Go to customize from top right and open domain page. Enter the full domain name, replace with your website name.

Dashboard- Customize Domain

Now, you will see the domain appearing when you generate any new publisher tracking link.

Step V: For SSL Update And Enable in Your Panel

Now you Need to create a Support Ticket for SSL for your NEW TRACKING DOMAIN You have ADDED and need to enable following options in your Panel.

Now Enable SSL Domains And Add Your Custom Domain In SSL Tracking Domain.

In case you have any issue please mail us at

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