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Publisher PostBack is used to notify your publishers about any conversions, app events, sales, leads captured.

Publisher Postback can be Global or Campaign Specific to notify the publisher tracking system for all conversions or campaign specific. In the vNative platform, PostBack Setup is very easy to do.

Adding PostBack

Go to Publishers >> PostBack/Pixels from the left menu and Click on New PostBack.

Add PostBack has the following options

  • Event – select the events for which you want to notify publishers
    • Conversions will notify all conversions leads, sales etc except Goals
    • GOAL will notify all goals except conversions
    • Conversions + All Goals will notify everything
  • Publisher – Select the Publisher whose PostBack URL you want to set.
  • Campaigns – Select ALL for Global PostBack Setup or Select any Specific campaign if you want to set campaign-specific postback
  • PostBack URL – The Publisher PostBack URL provided with tokens replaced for click_id/transaction_id. See below Coordinating with your publisher.

Advanced Options

This setting is optional for only a few publishers who want to setup postback to have the header and different body as payload,

Coordinating with Your Publisher

Publisher Click ID/Transaction ID is required by vNative to setup s2s with your publisher or to notify them of conversions/goals. While you receive this URL from your publisher you have to keep in mind to change the tracking values (eg. {click_id}, {transaction_id}, etc) with macros where your publisher has sent your click data.

Example. Suppose your publisher sends their click_id in p1 parameter like

then we have to update their postback as{p1}

More Examples

Publisher PostBack Test

Before making your campaign live it is better to make a postback test to see if conversions are being sent to your publisher. Below are the steps to test the postback setup of publisher we just added.

Step1: Get Tracking Link

Generate publisher tracking link from campaign info page and send that link to the publisher to insert in their platform.

After successfully adding the vnative tracking link to the publisher platform they will then send you a test link to make a test conversion.

Step2: Go to PostBack Test Page

From the Publisher, PostBack/Pixel Page click on PostBack test button on top right and insert the test tracking link your publisher has given and click on Run Test.

you will see the test conversions being sent to the publisher which you can further verify from postback logs explained below

Step3: Cancel the Test Conversions

After confirming the test conversions being sent to your publisher platform, cancel the test conversions generated during the test.

PostBack Logs

The PostBack logs have the details of all request sent through vNative to your Publisher Tracking platform.

Filter the data through the campaign, publisher, date range, server status code returned, postback id, click id, conversion id.

The Data returned are

  • Event/Event ID for which the postback was fired
  • Publisher/Campaign details
  • Request URL – the complete postback URL where data was sent
  • Server Message – the server response while the request was being sent
  • PostBack ID – Unique postback Id generated by vNative
  • STATUS – Server status message
  • Attempts – If the publisher server does not accept the notifications for the first time we make sure to try for seven more times before finalizing it
  • LATENCY – The time took by publisher tracking platform server to respond
  • Created – Exact time when the postback was sent

Note: If you have set a CAP on the Campaign then after the CAP is reached the postback is not sent to the publisher.

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