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Pre-landing pages make sure that only the potential or interested visitors will make through the landing page.

Furthermore, Pre-Landing page keeps the right traffic over the landing page so that you can utilize traffic for best, for example, you can add a questionnaire that will check the user interest if the user is super interested or we can say have correct age bar of the user who is entering to the landing page.

How To Place The Script In Pre-Landing Page

If you want to set up the links on the pre-landing pages that redirect visitors to the landing page selected by the publisher on their account, you need to add the following js code at the end of HTML code of the relevant pre-landing page before the closing </body> tag:

<script src="//"></script>

Where will be your tracking domain.

Adding Pre-Lander in Trackier

Inside particular Campaign Info > Setting Card > Edit > Landin Page

you will find Prelanding option inside landing page.

  • Title set the title for that landing page.
  • Preview URL Enter preview URL here.
  • Destination URL Enter finals URL here.
  • Type From here you can switch between Landing Page and Pre-Landing.
  • Status You can set Active and Pause Landing page.
  • Description (optional) You can add a note for internal purpose.

Adding In Publisher Tracking Link

  • Select the Publisher
  • Tracking link will be generated
  • check “Pre Landers”
  • Select the Pre-Landing Page from the menu which you have created earlier
  • it will be added in the link as &prl=1{click_id_publishe}&prl=1

Publisher Panel View

Here is the Publisher panel view, they can check the Pre-Lander preview and add that Pre-Lander.

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