Pixel Placing Troubleshoot

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This Troubleshoot will help you with the pixel tracking, you can check possible errors in placement and tracking.

Check List

  1. Tracking Link domain and pixel domain are the same
  2. Pixel is Placed at Thank You page inside <body> tag
  3. Generate a right tracking link

Placing Pixel Correctly

Step 1: Generate iFrame/Image Pixel

Step 2: Ask Advertiser to add it inside <body> tag at Thank You page.

Checking Pixel is Placed Correctly using Developer Tool?

Step 1: Generate Tracking link (make sure it matches the same domain of iframe/Image Pixel)

Step 2: Paste that tracking link in the browser and press Enter.

Step 3: When Page gets Open, Right-click anywhere on the page and open INSPECT.

Step 4: Select NETWORK in INSPECT menu.

Step 5: Check PRESERVE LOG.

Step 6: Fill the test Lead on the page and submit.

Step 7: When Thank you page appear, Search “Pixel” in INSPECT menu and try to find your Pixel.

If You find the Pixel

Go to Trackier Panel and check the pixel Log, If no error is there check the conversion log, you will find the Conversion is tracked.

If You don’t find the Pixel

Ask the Advertiser to check the Pixel placement or ask them to share Screenshot, make sure it is inside <body> tag of Thank you page.

Error Messages and Meaning

  • NO_SESSION_ID This means a visitor hasn’t landed through the Trackier tracking link.
  •            —                         Means Succes


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