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All Publishers registered with your account can be viewed by visiting Publisher >> Manage from the left menu.

Publisher Account

From this page, you can edit, delete, disable and timeline activity for this Publisher.


Your Publisher Account has five options

  1. Basic Details
  2. Generate API key
  3. Tracking Link
  4. Custom Fields
  5. Settings
  6. Invoices and Payments

Editing Publisher Personal Details

Shows the summary of Publisher account with buttons to delete, disable, edit and login to the profile.

  • Login as allows you to login to the publisher account interface and see dashboard and reports as them.
  • Timeline shows the logs of various events associated with this account such as campaign activity, link generated etc.

To update publisher name and other info click on edit you will see most of the registration form fields.

You can Add note for internal use by editing a publisher, will not visible to advertiser or publisher.


  • Tags – can be defined for a publisher, by assigning a tag to a publisher you can segment the publisher on the basis of your requirement. For Example, you can Tag publishers who are good at US conversions under the same tag. Further when you plan to email them directly then you can select all publishers under a similar tag and email them through Notification in Trackier
  • Note – It is Only visible to internal team


In settings, you will find these options.


Publisher Mange

  • Currency You can set Default Current
  • Timezone Time Zone for the Panel set as default to Publisher
  • Email Notification Enable/ Disable email Notification
  • Set All Conversion Pending This Will set all conversion to Pending
  • Hide Campaign List This will hide the campaign List
  • Blocked Source Add the blocked source here.
  • Language Preference for the publisher
  • Payout Tier Add the payout tier
  • Default Tracking Domain –  If you set the multiple tracking Domain then you can assign default tracking domain to a publisher
Default Tracking Domain setting will Make the set tracking domain available exclusively for that publisher, others will not able to see these

Block Advertiser

You can block the advertisers for publishers from here and check the list on publisher main page.


Campaign Specific CAP

You can add CAP to a campaign for a specific publisher, and this will be visible here


Campaign Specific Payout

You can set publisher specific payout inside the campaign, and that will be visible to you here.


Tracking template

You can add your own custom tracking template for each macro p1-p10 and source as per your convenience.

by default we populate p1=click_id/transaction_id

Generate API Key

You can generate a publisher API key for fetching campaign, reports etc.

Access Publisher API  doc here: 

Custom Fields

With Trackier platform you can even add more fields like Tax ID, Skype ID etc or any custom field by clicking on Add new button, you can also edit the existing values by clicking Edit button. Custom Fields can also be created through API

Invoices and Payments

You can manage invoice and payment for the publisher through this.


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