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This article is intended for ad networks who are using the Trackier platform and would like to integrate with TUNE’s App Tracking solution.

TUNE is able to send attribution data to Trackier for both install and in-app events.

Request for Integration with MAT Form

Documentation on macros postbacks:

Technical Integration

Best Practices for Tracking Links

iOS IFA{idfa}
Google Ad ID{gaid}
Android ID{android_id}
Reference ID / Click ID{click_id}
Campaign ID{camp_id}
Campaign Name{campaign_title}
Cost Model{model}

Transferring parameters to МАТ:


If you need to transfer to tracker such data as ad creative IDs, age, and other parameters, you should attach the publisher’s subID with the data they set before.

Such parameters may look similar to the following:

Trackier <-> TUNE PostBack Integration


When you fill in the form, you need to specify postback URLs.

In МАТ, you can set multiple postbacks within one account and track various parameters depending on the tracking system and platform of the configured device.

This documentation gives an overview of general settings for integration with all platforms.

Global Install Postback:{publisher_ref_id}&security_token=SECURITY_TOKEN&sub1={ios_ifa}&sub2={android_id}&sub3=install

SECURITY_TOKEN is the unique security token name provided by Trackier.

{publisher_ref_id} Value of the reference ID from a third-party system (third-party click ID) included in TUNE link on click.

Global EVENT Tracking Postback{publisher_ref_id}&security_token=SECURITY_TOKEN&goal_id=GOAL_ID&sub1={ios_ifa}&sub2={android_id}

SECURITY_TOKEN is the unique security token name provided by Trackier

where GOAL_ID= Set as Event Tag in the MAT dashboard for each app by the advertiser – this is the actual in-app event name from the application.

Register Tracking Postback:{publisher_ref_id}&security_token=SECURITY_TOKEN&goal_id=GOAL_ID&sub1={ios_ifa}&sub2={android_id}&sub3=register

SALE Tracking Postback:{publisher_ref_id}&security_token=SECURITY_TOKEN&sub1={ios_ifa}&sub2={android_id}&sub3=sale&rate={revenue_usd}&currency=usd

Additional Documentation

Postback Setup Documentation:

Tracking URL Parameters Setup Documentation:

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