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This article is intended for ad networks who are using the vNative platform and would like to integrate with Adjust App Tracking solution.

Adjust is able to send attribution data to vNative for both install and in-app events.

To initiate the integration you need to send Adjust:

  1. Your tracking link
  2. Your postback (for installs and in-app events)

If you currently have an integration with Adjust email them at

Partner Registration

If you do not currently have an integration with Adjust, complete the ad Partners Registration application here.

Basic Details

Enter the following info while filling the form.

  • Platform Categories – Ad Network, Affiliate Network, Agency
  • Regions – We support all regions traffic 
  • OS Supported – We support all OS iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle
  • Pricing Model – CPC, CPI, CPA, CPV, CPE
  • In-App Events – Yes
  • Offer impression data – Currently No (Keep Checking for Updates)
  • Yes to Campaign, publisher, sub-publisher, affiliate name, creative name, click_id
  • Campaign macros – {campaign_id}
  • Publisher name or ID macro – {publisher_id}
  • Sub-publisher name or id – {source}
  • Affiliate name macro – {publisher_name}
  • Creative name macro(s) – {creative_title}
  • Select No to 
  • Click IP Macro – {ip}

PostBack/CallBack Details{click_id}&security_token=SECURITY_TOKEN

SECURITY_TOKEN is the unique security token name provided by vNative.{click_id}&security_token=SECURITY_TOKEN&goal_id={goal_id}

SECURITY_TOKEN is the unique security token name provided by vNative.

goal_id= Set as Event Tag in the Adjust dashboard for each app by the advertiser – this is the actual in-app event name from the application.

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