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Trackier also allows you to track impressions with clicks and conversions, So in reports, you will see the Impressions count for a particular publisher/campaign with clicks, conversion, CR etc

Impressions are mainly used for tracking the performance of a banner campaign, email campaign, landing pages etc. usually to track the behaviour of a visitor, Impressions pixel are available to all publishers.

Trackier counts only unique Impression per user per visit with a period of 24 hours.

How to Allow Impression Pixel

To allow impression pixel option and to add Advertiser Impression Tracking URL go to particular campaign > Setting > Basic > Allow Impression Pixel.

Campaign Setting

Generating Impression Pixel

To generate impression pixel go to Campaign Manager page from the left menu and open any campaign, you will see the tracking link card. Select a publisher from select option and then check impression pixel.


Impression Log Report


This report shows you logs of impression received by Trackier Impression tracking server, you can also filter this report on the basis of Campaign, Publisher, Country, Device, OS, Referer etc

Impression Custom Reports

Custom Report shows aggregated data based on KPI – CR (Conversion Rate), EPC (Earning Per Click), CTR (Click through rate) etc with Impressions.

Impressions Count is available in all types of Custom Report in Trackier, You can add them in a report via a filter.


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