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This tool helps to Bulk Import conversions or Bulk Update Conversions in your Trackier account, making it easier through CSV file uploads. CSV file has certainly fixed column which needs to maintained and then uploaded to CSV Upload Section in Integrations.

Preparing CSV File

Your Input file must be a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file containing conversions you want to upload or update.

  • Contains up to 50,000 conversions
  • Fixed Header


The columns in the CSV file are:

Column Optional/required Description
conversion_id Optional The unique conversion id of a conversation recorded by Trackier Tracking System
click_id Optional The click id generated when user open any link
campaign_id required (If creating new conversion) The unique conversion id of a conversation recorded by Trackier Tracking System
publisher_id required (If creating new conversion) The Publisher Id whose conversion is to be attributed
goal_id Optional The Goal ID if the Conversion is a Goal Conversion
txn_id Optional Unique Transaction Ids for multiple conversions on one click
sub1 to sub5 Optional the extra parameter passed by the advertiser
sale_amount Optional The sale amount for CPS Campaign
payout_currency Optional the 3-digit currency code
payout Optional The payout value in the specified Currency
revenue Optional The revenue value in the specified Currency
method Optional The method of recording conversion acquisition or pixel
ipaddr Optional The IP address from which conversion is recorded
status Optional The status of conversion pending, approved, rejected, cancelled etc
created Optional The date time in YMD HH:MM:SS format
type Optional Type conversion
referer Optional The URL where the conversion occurred
Note: Cancelled conversion will not be visible to your publishers

Creating Conversions

Conversions can be imported in Trackier with click_id or without click_id in CSV file.

Once the file is ready, go to Integrations from Top right and select Conversion from CSV Uploads in the left menu.

Import Conversions

To rollback new conversions Import just deletes the Import Job created from Integrations Page.

After uploading the file you find an option to map it.


Now, you need to map the column from your CSV (In blue) to the corresponding drop-down menu options.

Check box below which says “Send Postback to Approved conversions” to send postback to these conversions

So once you click on upload it will be reflected in conversion logs in sometimes.

If you have uploaded CSV matching Sample CSV formate system will automap it with corresponding feilds

Updating Conversions

To Update a Conversion you need to have conversion id of that conversion, leave empty other columns if you don’t want them to get Updated.

If you don’t add campaigning payout column in CSV, it will take campaign default payout automatically.

Import Status

The Trackier Platform Executes Import Task and Update record every 60 mins, so after upload the CSV file without any error check after 60 mins.

Once the Task is executed you can see status from last updated column


You can always check the status logs of the file being imported by clicking on the Import you have added.

Import CSV File- Trackier

API Conversion Import

Trackier Platform allows you to import bulk conversions through API also.

API: Import Conversion

API: Get Conversion Logs

In case you have any issue please mail us at

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