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Now network have the option to keep track on Hourly report of the campaign, this will help you to understand best hours of conversion and traffic analytics, you can place the filter save the filter and report and check it as per need.
We also have a widget for the same on the dashboard.

Checking Hourly Report

Go to Report from side menu > Hourly report

Filters In Hourly Report

You will find the following filter options in the report section.

You will checkbox (Show CR/EPC based on Approved Conversion), this will show CR/EPC on Approved Conversion, otherwise it is based on Gross Conversion
  • Unique Clicks – This is for the unique click on the offers
  • Rejected Click – This is for the rejected click, in case targeting not matched.
  • Gross Clicks – It is a total of Unique Clicks + Rejected Clicks
  • Approved Conversion – This shows total Approved Conversions
  • Pending Conversion – This shows total Pending conversion.
  • Cancelled conversion – This shows total Cancelled conversion.
  • Rejected Conversions – This shows total Rejected Conversion due to targeting is not matched and many other reasons.
  • Gross Conversion –  This is total of Approved + Pending + Cancelled + Rejected Conversions.
  • Conversion rate (CR) – it is the ratio for Gross Conversion to Gross Clicks.
  • Impression –  This shows total impression.
  • Campaign Payout – It shows campaign payout
  • Campaign Revenue –  It shows Campaign revenue.
  • payout – It shows total payout for Approved Conversion
  • Revenue – It shows total Revenue for Approved Conversion
  • Revenue Per Click (EPC) – It is the Ratio of the commission generated by the number of clicks.
  • Click Through Rate – It is the ratio of the Gross Clicks to the Impression.
  • Profit – It shows the total profit for Approved Conversions.
  • Sales Amount – It shows Total sales amount
  • Pending Sales Amount – It shows pending sales amount
  • Pending Payout – It shows total Pending payout for Pending Conversion
  • Pending Revenue – It shows total Pending Revenue for Pending Conversions
  • Gross revenue – It shows Gross revenue for Gross conversions

Widget On Dashboard

You can add Hourly report widget on the dashboard to keep it handy.

Once you have added it will visible below on dashboard like this.

In case you have any issue please mail us at support@trackier.com

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