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In your Network running with Trackier Platform the most important thing is publisher payout for the conversions, impressions they have given. The Trackier system automatically tracks Revenue, Payout, and Profit.

Revenue is the amount you will receive from your advertisers/client and payout the amount you will pay to your publishers/partners. Profit is revenue – payout

Trackier supports four types of Campaign Payout

  1. Default Campaign Payout
  2. Publisher Specific Payout
  3. Goal Geo-Specific Payout 
  4. TIER Payout

Adding Default Campaign Payout while creating a campaign

Default Payout for any campaign can be set while creating a campaign or editing a campaign in your Trackie account. Click on Create Campaign from left menu on Dashboard to open create campaign form, now scroll down to Revenue and Payout Section.

Revenue & Payouts

Adding/Editing Revenue, payout, and Goal in campaign page

To Edit the payout of an active Campaign, Open the Campaign info page and click on Manage Payout and Goals Button.


On this page, you can Add new Payout for a different coverage region, Update existing payout or delete existing once.


Updating the payout will only update reports from that day onwards, it will not update the previous reports.

To Update the previous report you can cancel old conversions or update its payout through CSV or Adjust Stats.

Publisher Specific Payout

In Trackier Platform, you can set Custom Payout on a Campaign for a specific super publisher, although in most cases default campaign payout only will be used.


Once the Custom Payout has been added you will see the payout in manage page and goals page.

Goal Payout

To learn more about Goal Payout see this article.

TIER Payout

Campaign Payout TIER is a feature which allows you to assign a publisher to TIER based on their performance. If you have lots of publishers working in your network and you want to give a better payout to a group of publishers who are very good. Create a TIER from Publisher >> Payout TIERs in the left menu.

Publisher Payout TIER

After saving this you will see TIER option in Campaign payout and revenue section while creating a new campaign, existing campaign payout method will not be changed.

Updating with API

With Trackier API you can create and update the campaign payout and revenue.

refer to this article with a sample request and response.

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