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Campaign Optimize Rule in TRACKIER helps Networks to control traffic with undesirable conversion and increase profit margins. You can automate tasks like alerting Publisher Managers and Blocking Publisher Source on those rules, Once you define thresholds for optimization. This feature is for enterprise accounts only.

Optimization Rules

Go To Advertiser > Optimize Rules 


This page, you can perform various task

  • You have a filter on that basis you can filter rule created.
  • Can Check Automation Log, so that you know which action is taken by which rule.
  • Can Check Timeline, Edit and Delete the existing Rule.
  • +Add New rule
Timeline shows which edit and updates are done in the rule by whom and when

Setting New Optimization Rule

Click on +ADD Optimize Rule Then in pop-up select for which advertiser rule needs to be set up.

Setting up a new optimization rule

  • Campaigns Select all the campaign related to advertiser on which rule needs to be set
  • Excluded Campaigns Select all the campaign related to advertiser on which rule not need to be implemented.
Leave “Campaign” blank to select ALL campaign associated with that advertiser, Also, If you add any campaign in “Excluded Campaigns” It will allow all other Campaign associated to that Advertiser.
  • Publishers Select all the Publisher on which rule needs to be set.
  • Excluded Publishers Select all the publisher on which rule doesn’t need to implement.
Leave “Publishers” blank to select ALL Publisher, Also, If you add any Publisher in “Excluded Publisher” It will allow all other Publisher available in the Panel.
  • Enforce After Clicks CR % will be checked when this threshold of Clicks is reached on a particular campaign by their Sub-Publishers respectively.
  • CR Throttle %  When CR % is “<LOW”  and “>=HIGH” from the set CR % the Action will be taken.
  • Action This will help you to do the following task when a rule is implemented.
    • Send an Email to Publisher Manager.
    • Send an Email to alert Admin.
    • Send an Email to Publisher.
    • Block a source from the offer.

When you have setup SMTP domain then, Trackier sends the automated mail notification to the Publisher.

Example Condition

Let’s say we have a non-incent offer called “Hard Drink”. We want to avoid sending incent traffic to it, and we know that CR higher than 10% can suggest incent traffic.

To deflect traffic generating these high conversion rates, we create an Optimization Rule that triggers when a Publisher’s CR for an offer passes 10%. So this rule will be set

  • Apply to: “Campaign”, “Hard Drink”
  • If: “Click”, of Source reached at least, “1000”
  • And: “CR %”, “=<HIGH”, “10%”
  • Then: “Block Source”, And, “Mail Publisher Manager”

So this is how Optimize rule needs to be set up and works.

Optimization Logs

You can access logs for the rule from here

From here you can check the automation log for each action take place here.

You can check the timestamp, campaign, Publisher, Source, And Action. With Action button, you will be redirected to targeting where you can unblock that source.

Optimization Rules actions can take up to 20 minutes before being processed. We recommend adjusting your settings to account for this potential time delay.

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