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Campaign Goals is an important feature to track multiple conversions of the same campaign. Goals can be used to track extra conversions apart from the default one example – installs, register, upsells, leads, sales etc.

Campaign Goals are used when you want to pay publishers for extra events also after the click, for example, recurring sales or account upgrade after register. etc

Enable Campaign Goals

Go to Customise from top right and then open Campaign from the left menu and update the Goal option to enable and hit save.

Adding Goals to Campaign

Now, after goals is enabled click on add goals button on the top right on Manage and Payout and Goals Page.

Enter the Goal name it can be account upgrade, register, upsell etc. Goal Value is short text which can be used later in the postback URL to replace Goal ID. Choose Public if you want this goal report to be visible to all your publisher or select private for only admin reporting of the goal. Only Public Goal PostBack is fired.

After Goal is created you can then further edit that goal or delete it.

Goal Tracking

Goal Pixel or PostBack can be generated from the Campaign info page and it supports all the tracking parameter of Default PostBack URL.

Server PostBack

vNative supports two types of Goal postback

with goal_id

Check Add Goal ID box and select the goal name from the dropdown to generate the goal id postback URL

with goal_value

Check Add Goal Value box and select the goal name from the dropdown to generate the goal value postback URL

Multiple campaigns can have same goal value but not the same goal id as it is unique.


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Goal Reports

The Goal Report Shows you the goal conversion driven by the publisher by campaign wise, you can further modify reporting filter to see data based on Advertiser, Publisher only, City, device, sources, sub-publisher etc.

Visit Goal report from Report >> Goal Report from left menu.

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