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Campaign CAP in Trackier lets you limit the number of conversions. CAPs can be set for

  • Day
  • Month
  • Lifetime

This can be set for the whole campaign or for a specific publisher for a campaign. There are following types of CAP that can be set on a Campaign

  • Gross Conversions – it includes all the conversion irrespective of their status.
  • Payout – It is valid for Approved Conversions payout.
  • Revenue – It is valid for Gross Conversion Revenue.
  • Clicks – It is based on Gross Clicks
  • Pending Payout – It is valid for Pending Conversion payout.
  • Pending Revenue – It is valid for Pending Conversion revenue.

Adding Campaign CAP

Go to Campaign Manage from the left menu and open any Campaign where you want to set CAP. Now Click on Edit in Settings card in the Campaign info page.

Adding Campaign Cap- Trackier

On the new page click on CAP Tab and further click on +Add CAP button.


  • Type – Select from one of the Types listed above.
    • Conversions
    • Payout
    • Revenue
    • Clicks
    • Impressions
    • Pending Payout
    • Pending Revenue
  • GOAL – If the Campaign has Goal you can also specifically set the CAP for that Goal too.
  • Publisher – Select a Publisher if you want to add the CAP specific to that publisher else leave ALL as selected for Campaign Global CAP
  • Landing Page – You can set CAP for that Landing page. {This option only visible when Landing Page is set}
Landing Page CAP feature is very helpful when you are running a campaign in the same country but targeting different user segment.
  • Geos – You set can CAP on different Geo’s
When CAP on Geo is reached traffic on that Geo will be sent to fallBack URL
  • Daily – Enter any number of conversions you want to limit daily leave empty if no daily restriction is there.
  • Monthly – Enter any number of conversions you want to limit monthly leave empty if no monthly restriction is there.
  • Lifetime – Enter any number of conversions you want to limit lifetime leave empty if no lifetime restriction is there.
  • Pause Campaign/Links – If is set to “YES” then Campaign/Publisher Link will get disable and campaign get Paused and traffic is redirected to the Logic set. If it is Set to “NO” then the Campaign/Publisher Link will be shown as Active but the traffic redirected to the Logic Set.
  • Redirect – This Option allows you to set an option for traffic redirecting when the CAP is reached.
    • Blank – Show blank to Visitor
    • Different Campaign – Redirect traffic to another campaign
    • Smart Link – Redirect traffic to a Smart Link
    • Global Redirect URL – A fixed URL set from Customize Application by network Admin

Now Hit Save and the CAP is set. It takes around 10 minutes for the first time to build cache for it around various Trackier tracking servers.

Once the CAP is applied the publishers and admin is notified of it.
Campaign CAP Flow Trackier
Campaign CAP Flow Trackier
When CAP is reached campaign is set to Paused by the system and will automatically get Active by the system the next day when CAP is renewed

Manage CAP

Open Campaign Settings Page to See all the CAP which has been set on the Campaign.
From the Action column on the CAP tab, you can edit or delete the CAP.

Campaign CAP Trackier

CAP Report

This report list all the CAP set for your campaigns and show you real-time data of campaign and publisher approaching the CAP.

CAP report can be filtered on the basis of Campaign, Publisher, and Duration. It shows the Campaign, Publisher, Metric, Goal, Limit, Usage, Percentage of CAP reached and the redirect setting.

CAP Report- Trackier

CAP Customize

CAP system in Trackier Can be customized. Go to Customize and open Campaign page from the left menu.

CAP Customize- Trackier

  • To disable the CAP system, Change the CAPs option to disabled
  • You can set an option to display the CAP set on the campaigns to the publisher in their publisher panel or hide them


Spillover Conversions are the extra conversions which Trackier platform keeps on receiving even after the CAP is reached. You can set an option to approve or disapprove them. Please Note that disapproved Conversions postback is not fired.

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