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ASO and Paid User Acquisition

Getting users’ attention when launching a new mobile app has grown more challenging due to the over 6 million apps that are already available in the two major stores, i.e., the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  However, this is achievable by ASO and Paid User Acquisition

The success of an app has never been attributed to a single action; rather, it has been the result of a number of important initiatives and departmental cooperation. 

This all-encompassing strategy ought to be a key component of every app marketing team, especially in light of the recent changes in tracking and attribution.

Learn and expand your knowledge on ASO and Paid Acquisition with this downloadable ebook. 

What’s Included?

  • What is App Store Optimization?
  • SEO vs ASO
  • What is Paid User Acquisition
  • Ways to Run a Successful ASO Program
  • Reasons to Combine ASO and Paid Acquisition
  • How to Combine ASO and Paid Acquisition

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Besides, you can also reach us with your questions or queries. We would be happy to help!!

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