Personaly and Vnative

Automate your Campaign Import

Create an automated integration that takes the human efforts and maximize your KPI. Take advantage of our faster, more scalable API. Let the system integrate the offers with the partners and tell you which one makes you more money. Focus on the delivering the campaigns while vNative Automation doing the campaign integration.


Get the API details from offers an API Integration that provides system developers with a range of capabilities to help them integrations and connections to the vNative software and automation of their campaigns in your network.

Set up the Integration on vNative

vNative Automation for the network can make it much easier for you to automate the campaign fetching successfully. By providing a complete information of API, the campaign fetching process with start and help you in making less human efforts, vNative Platform with APIs helps companies extend their reach and increase partner revenue.

Personaly Offers integration

Get started with connected

to vNative’s software