Hey Folks, Trackier- Performance Marketing Software is happy to introduce our little but fantastic new feature update, after getting lots of requests to add this feature finally we made it live.

So what Problem it solves?

Now you can set targeting on the basis of Device Brand, fascinating right? it will definitely help you to use traffic in the most profitable way.
How to use Advance targeting? You can learn more about it by clicking Here.

Let’s set a dummy restriction to understand more about the feature.

Targeting Rule

Through this way, only necessary device brands are allowed while others will be rejected or you can set condition as per your need.

Where I Can Check This In Reports?

You can Find this Brand Device in Conversion Logs, Click Logs And Custom Reports.

Conversion Log Report

So this is how you will see in the logs.

Conversion Log Report

Don’t Forget to share your views about this feature at support@trackier.com

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