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Learn How And Why Novelty Betting Is Booming?

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The iGaming industry is huge, covering various continents, cultures, and audiences with wildly varying betting tastes. That implies that there is always someone, somewhere, placing a wager—and those wagers occasionally involve strange things!

There are some very bizarre and beautiful novelty betting alternatives available for your users that are trying to spice up their betting if you’re a sportsbook player looking to further engage with your audience. Here are some of the most bizarre predictions we could find for 2022. These bets frequently alter, so they might no longer be active, but new, oddball novelty pops are constantly emerging.

Novelty Betting

What Is Novelty Betting?

Predicting the results of any event happening anywhere in the world — and we mean ANY event — is novelty betting. Bookmakers would surely set a price for an event as long as it generates some interest so that everyone may enjoy it. Although novelty bets aren’t often linked with sports, you won’t have to seek far to find bookmakers offering sports novelty bets relating to the most well-known players and events these days as part of the novelty-bets-can-be-found-on-anything train. Events that occur over a long period, like the results of TV shows and celebrity pregnancies, as well as those that occur on a single day, like the weather or an event that occurs during a sporting game, can all be considered novelty markets.

Novelty and unique bets are becoming more and more popular, with tens to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of these bets being placed each year. Betting firms have even begun providing customers with unique novelty promotions to make these bets even more alluring. Make careful to search around to obtain the best odds, as different bookmakers will give different levels of odds for novelty betting events, just like they do for other types of bets.

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What Justifies Betting on Novelty Markets?

Due to their nearly limitless potential, novelty betting markets are readily available to wager on throughout the year, making them an excellent stand-in for missing sporting events. The excitement of many events that would otherwise be of little-to-no interest to bettors can also be increased by placing bets in novelty markets.

The novelty bets’ potential to produce a profit, though, is what matters most to gamblers. Novelty bets are significantly more unpredictable than sports events, where bookies utilize a variety of algorithms to precisely price up odds, making it challenging for betting companies to be as accurate in their projections. 

Because of this, finding a novelty betting market with excessively high odds set by the bookmaker might be quite profitable. 

Finally, some novelty bets allow for both live betting (like with vote counting during general elections) and mobile access, making them accessible at all times and locations.

Some Of The Weird Bets Ever Made

1: Luis Suarez BiteS

Following many bites on the field in 2012 and 2013, several bookmakers made the decision to increase the odds that Luis Suarez would bite again during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

Given how absurd this market was, it was very popular with bettors. However, when hungry Suarez couldn’t resist tasting Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder in the final game of the group stages, bettors were surprised to receive a payoff!

2: The Queen’s Hat

One of the traditions of the Royal Ascot is the Queen’s attendance, but since 1973, there has been a market for guessing what color hat her majesty will be donning. 

This market has established itself as being incredibly well-liked and is seen to have been just as traditional to Royal Ascot as the actual races. 

If you’re curious what happens when the Queen selects a particular shade of teal that isn’t made available by betting sites, bookmakers will normally pay out based on the closest block color.

3: Alien Existence

Many people believe that finding evidence of alien life is a matter of “when” rather than “if,” which is why some bookmakers have established markets with favorable odds where bettors may speculate on when evidence of alien life will be discovered over the years. 

Currently, none of these wagers has ever paid out, but who knows? Could this be the year that extraterrestrial life is discovered and you win your first novelty bet?

4: Gatorade in the Super Bowl

Every year, the winning coach of the NFL Super Bowl receives a large bucket of Gatorade dumped over him (because, why not?). Many punters pay attention to the color of this shower. 

Even if it is practically impossible to forecast the color of the Gatorade logically, the novelty business has nevertheless proven to be quite successful and entertaining. 

Orange, yellow, blue, purple, and even no shower have been seen in previous years.

5 – Future Bettings

Futures betting entails making a particular prediction about what will occur to you or a loved one in the future. This kind of unusual wager cannot be placed online; rather, you must go to a bookmaker in person and place your wager. Futures wagers can be made on things like whether your child will become the next prime minister of the UK or if you will one day be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Last Words

Even though novelty bets will probably never approach the degree of drama and excitement that comes with sports betting, they still offer a chance to make everyday occurrences much more fascinating. Novelty betting is a terrific way to have some additional fun while betting. 

Everyone can place a novelty bet since they are always available, there are several options, and they are so unpredictable. You might even win money via novelty betting!

Besides, if you have got any questions or queries, feel free to contact us.

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