Well our 2018 journey was amazing. Our team worked hard to provide best client satisfaction and so here we are with amazing product updates for our precious clients, that will surely make your work very easy and effective. Your constant feedback and suggestion helped us to achieve this, so let’s see what new we got.

Advanced Targeting Rule

This amazing feature will seriously help you a lot, require campaign from particular geo or have to put multiple conditioning and rule to get the right campaign from the advertiser to you, well now you can! we build this feature to get only relevant offers from the advertiser. Like why would add unnecessary campaign and handle those or delete those.?

“Action speaks louder than the word”! right? so we have made a little video to let our wonderful user understand the process.

Short Video Will Let You Understand This Cool Feature Easily.

Bulk Action For Campaign

Have Thousand of campaigns and worried about how to apply the same action to multiple campaigns? well, no need to worry anymore, our super active tech team bring out a solution and added Bulk Action feature.
Well this helps you to:

  • Assign multiple campaigns to a publisher, easy right?
  • Make multiple campaign Active, Pause, Disable and Delete in just a single click.
  • Forget to add categories in many campaigns now it’s a problem how to sort it, well you can add categories to the specify campaign without editing particular campaign.
Manage Campaigns

This will surely make a hectic day very productive. Easy to work upon and definitely saves a lot of time.

More Control In Network Integration

Are you fed up to get irrelevant offers from the network through API integration? Control them, seriously, now you can use our cool Advanced Settings in Integrations which will helps you stop getting irrelevant campaign.
Is Geo’s a factor to filter? filter them easily, is payout is a factor? you can set min and max payout, sounds good!
Also, sometime you need to change some content in description, well now you can uncheck column and edit it anytime.


Pixel Logs & Postback Logs

Pixel Logs

Have a doubt that pixel is firing in the campaign that you setup? You can check it within our panel Now, how? well you can check a small tutorial for that.
So what we did is when pixel is fired successfully you get “–” as a message and whenever there is an error you got message ” No Session ID”.
This will surely help you setup perfect campaign.

Postback Log

Well this feature will help you to check wether publisher is receiving conversion at their end or not.
If publisher receiving conversion then Server Message would be “OK” and Status will be “200” Otherwise there might be a problem, and we are always available to troubleshoot.

Postback: Request Log

Our Esteemed clients are very happy with these new updates, we got really very great feedback, all credit goes to you to keep us motivated and to do better every day.

If you have any great suggestion or queries pitch it to us at support@trackier.com , We are always open for suggestion and feedback.

Have a Amazing Day 🙂

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