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How Does Universal Link And App Link Help You Boost ROI?

Written by Nikhil

Technical and marketing teams are much of the time confounded by the idea of Apple Universal Links and Android App Links and how they connect with deep linking. So what are Universal Links and App Links? Basically, Universal Links and […]


How is click injection affecting your app and why you should be worried about it?

Written by Barkha Gaur

With the growth of the mobile app ecosystem, the frauds committed to boosting install numbers are becoming more sophisticated by the day. Mobile app marketers need to be aware of one such growing methodology, the click injection, to protect their […]

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Should apps be using Incentivized Advertising as a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Written by Barkha Gaur

A quick look into gaming apps will show you SDK from networks offering incentivized ads as a monetization method. Incentivized ads or as they are more commonly known, rewarded ads use a value exchange disposition where the end-user gets something […]

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Mobile Attribution: Its Crucial Role in Mobile Marketing

Written by Mukul Kaushik

What is Mobile App Attribution? An app install is linked to a marketing activity such as an ad or a marketing campaign using mobile attribution. Marketers want to identify when their ad campaigns are successful, so they employ mobile attribution […]

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Is AMP Still Relevant for Your Mobile Marketing Business?

Written by Himanshu Tiwari

What exactly is AMP? Google and Twitter collaborated on the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative, which was released in 2005. Its goal is to have mobile sites load as quickly as possible. It accomplishes this by removing anything that slows […]

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